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Are you a construction worker who recently became a sole trader? RIFT Social Enterprise can help!

We understand the transition to self-employment can be exciting, but also come with new responsibilities. That's why we offer specialised programmes to help construction workers navigate the world of self-employment, including understanding HMRC, taxes, and insurance.

Industrial Engineer

Our Self-Employment Support Options.

At RIFT Social Enterprise, we offer two programme options designed specifically for construction workers venturing into self-employment. We can also combine elements of both programmes or create a completely customised solution to fit your unique needs.

Construction Engineer


Half-Day "Self-Employment for Construction Workers" Training Course

This comprehensive programme provides a solid foundation in the essentials of self-employment. We'll cover topics like registering with HMRC, managing taxes, and securing the right insurance. This course is available remotely or face-to-face for groups of 10 or more learners.


Light-Touch Programme
for CIS Workers

This streamlined programme focuses on the specific needs of construction workers operating under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). We'll break down the different components of CIS registration, tax obligations, and record-keeping essentials. Delivered remotely, this programme caters to groups of 10 or more learners.

Construction Worker

Benefits of Our Programmes.

By participating in our self-employment support programmes, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to:

  • Manage your finances effectively

  • Meet your tax obligations

  • Choose the right insurance coverage

  • Navigate the legalities of self-employment

Ready to Get Started?

Contact RIFT Social Enterprise today to discuss which programme is right for you or explore the possibility of a customised solution.

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