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We are excited to announce the launch of WISE (Women into Self-Employment), a two-year project supported by Porticus. WISE aims to empower women with convictions in the prison estate by providing impactful self-employment support.

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Our work already goes some way towards a vision whereby people with convictions aren’t held back from fulfilling their potential, aswell as tackling the disadvantages experienced by people with convictions in securing stable employment. This project will help us to further extend our reach through targeted work to support women, whilst also driving future change across the prison estate.


We are exciting about the opportunities that self-employment support will bring to women with convictions, and breaking down the compounding barriers that women, specifically, face.

If you work within the women's prison estate either directly or indirectly and would like to know more, or become involved in the project, please contact Jemma, Porticus Project Lead, using the link below. 

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